The IEA Clean Coal Centre is delighted to announce its First Workshop on Coal Quality. The two day workshop is being co-hosted by the Coal Preparation Society of India (CPSI) in the beautiful city of New Delhi, India, on 9-10 November 2016 at the famous Habitat Centre.

India is in an exciting state of change in its coal industry. By 2020, coal production in India could reach 1,500 Mt to fuel the country’s desperate need for electricity, steel, and cement.

Coal power alone accounts for more than half of India’s power generating capacity (175 GW out of 288 GW) and contributes a large proportion of the burgeoning demand in this rapidly growing and dynamic economy.

The rising need for coal occurs concurrently with increasing demands to reduce airborne pollution and greenhouse gases, and cleaner coal solutions must have a greater role in meeting these pressures. Part of the solution will be aided by procuring better quality coal products from both domestic and international sources. 

Objectives of the workshop

This workshop aims to gather both world and local experts to gain a better understanding of the technical challenges faced by power station operators and industrial end users facing increasingly stringent demands for pollution control (such as SOx, NOx, PM2.5, and mercury) in an effort to enhance the prospects of cleaner air in India.

Speakers will discuss and deliberate upon the current quality issues of indigenous and internationally traded coal, such as ash and sulphur, and how end users, infrastructure, and mining industries can solve these issues and move India to a cleaner and more sustainable form of coal utilisation as rapidly and cost effectively as possible.

The workshop will promote a stimulating and informal forum to engage stake holders from all links in the coal supply chain, including power generating companies, mine companies, transportation agencies, sampling/testing agencies and so on.

We invite potential speakers to offer presentations on current commercial and emerging technologies and methods to improve and manage coal quality, preparation, blending, and combustion, including:


      Improving coal quality through washing and blending
      Overcoming the quality issues of challenging coals from mining, transportation, and handling perpsectives
      Impact of coal quality during combustion on station and pollution control performance
      Sampling and quality testing – current practice and new innovations
Coal market trends 

**Submission of Abstracts is now closed**

The workshop will also include invited speakers from India's various Ministries, corporations, and agencies.

For Indian residents, please contact the CPSI at or

For non-Indian residents, information about the event, registration, abstracts submission, site visit, hotel and transportation can be found on the About Event page.

If you have any other queries, please contact Alvina Board or Paul Baruya We look forward to seeing you!

IMPORTANT! Visa applications may require a letter of invitation, please provide passport details (number and all dates) and scans of the first and last page of your passport to Mr Sachdev at 

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